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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I screenshot content that is not publicly accessible?
We recommend using a secure tunnelling program that will allow you to have an internet accessible address. This will allow our screenshot service to access your content for the screenshot. We personally use ngrok but we also recommend evaluating Forward, PageKite and
I want to screenshot only a particular part of the page? Can I do that?
Yes you can! You can use clip_selector to find a selector to screenshot, it will screenshot only that part of the page. Need to find the unique CSS selector for your screenshot? In most modern browsers you right click on the element you want to screenshot and click Inspect, it will open the development console of your browser and highlight the element, right click on that element and find the Copy menu and Copy Selector, you should now have a unique selector you can use to screenshot a particular area!
My screenshot has a popup element or other element I need to click, how do I do that?
We have a couple of ways to accomplish this. You will need to look for the CSS selector that matches the element that is appearing in the way. click_selector will send a click even to the selector you specify. hide_selector will hide the entire element from the page.
I need to hover over something on the page for my screenshot, how do I do that?
You can use hover_selector to instruct the mouse to hover over a certain element on the page.
I want to wait for a certain part of the page to appear before taking a screenshot, can I make that happen?
You can use wait_selector to wait for a CSS selector to screenshot, it will wait up to 50 seconds or until that selector appears before rendering the screenshot.
I don't see an implementation in the programming language I use, what should I do?
You can either find your languages HMAC SHA1 method and use it to construct the token nessesary to generate a screenshot, alternatively you could use our Shell Script implementation and use your language to call the script. Finally you can contact us at to discuss your requirements. We may be able to produce an implementation for you.
How do I request a new screenshot with no caching?
Use the force parameter to ensure your request is fresh.
What's a unique screenshot?
A unique screenshot is the first request made by the url you have generated within the cache_time period (default 30 days).
Do I pay per impression?
No, only when a new screenshot is generated by our system (following whatever cache_time you have set, default 30 days).
What happens if I'm close to or go over my plan limit?
We will notify you via e-mail alerts to the e-mail address you registered with before you are about to reach your limit (80%, 90%, 95%, 100% and 125%). We will allow you to go over your plan limit to ensure continued service, any screenshots over 100% of your allocation will be billed at the plan overage rate at the end of the billing period. Please consider upgrading if you need more screenshots! We will automatically waive any overage if you upgrade prior to the end of your billing period and it fits into the new upgrade allocation.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel any time by pressing the Cancel Account button in your account dashboard.
How do I contact support?
You can e-mail us any time at or contact us through chat.
My screenshot request requires a login, what can I do?
We have an exciting beta feature that lets you log in to a page programmatically. Alternatively if you are using Basic Auth you can use the authorization parameter. Finally if you have a cookie that authenticates you on the website you can use the cookie parameter.