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Install via npm or GitHub

npm install screenshotscloud

Or if you prefer yarn

yarn add screenshotscloud

Once installed you can generate screenshot urls as follows:

const ScreenshotsCloud = require('screenshotscloud');

const SCREENSHOTSCLOUD_KEY = 'my-key-generated-at-screenshots-dot-cloud';
const SCREENSHOTSCLOUD_SECRET = 'mysecretstringgeneratedatscreenshotsdotcloud';

const screenshotscloud = ScreenshotsCloud(SCREENSHOTSCLOUD_KEY, SCREENSHOTSCLOUD_SECRET);

const screenshotUrl = screenshotscloud.screenshotUrl({
	"url": "", 
	"width": 800

Why Choose Us?


Screenshots Solved

We have taken care of all the hard work and issues that you will find in other screenshot solutions to deliver high quality screenshots in seconds. Focus on your own product and let us deliver the screenshots!


Enterprise Scale

Big businesses trust us to deliver millions of fast high quality screenshots using our API. Service Level Agreements are available. Knowledable support is always available via web chat or e-mail.


Used By Us

We use ScreenshotsCloud across the range of our other products including Brushd and because we rely on our own products so you can be assured we create the best quality screenshots with high uptime.


Use Everywhere

We're working to make your screenshots available everywhere. We've recently added Slack integration so now you can share website screenshots directly in your Slack workspace. More integrations coming soon!

Multi-Language Support

We have wide tested built-in support non-latin characters.
New Browser Language: Improve localization of international sites by setting the browser language.

Modern Browser Features

Real browser support for modern features
New PDF Output: Create pdfs from pages with real text formatting. Preview
New Interact With Elements: Click, hover and remove elements from the page.
Video Support: H.264, WebM VP8, Media Source Extensions, WebM VP9.
Emoji Support: Full color emojis plus extensive unicode support. 😎
Modern Web: SVG, Canvas, WebGL, HTML5, CSS3, Flex.
Lazy Loaded Media: Advanced lazy loading detection & triggering.
Audio Support: For Javascript compatibility, FLAC, Opus, MP3, WAV, Vorbis.
Compliant Browser: SSL/TLS pages, follows redirects.
Non HTML Media Capture: Snapshot images, SVG and videos, transparency.
Font Support: All common system fonts available + Webfonts.

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