Service Level Agreement


99.99% Screenshot Availability

ScreenshotsCloud will use reasonable efforts to provide 99.99% availability. Should a service be unavailable for more than the time allowed by the SLA the client is entitled to an account credit of 10% of the monthly recurring fee of the impacted service. If availability goes below 99% that credit is increased to 35% and if it goes below 95% the credit is increased to 100%.

You may request credit by contacting

Accounts must not be past due when requesting an SLA credit. Account credits are issued to your account to be used for future service and will be automatically applied to newly created invoices. Refunds will not be issued, except at the sole discretion of Brushd, LLC. Credits are issued only for the directly impacted services and not for other related services. These credits are your sole and exclusive remedy for any performance or availability issues for for your services under the Agreement and this SLA. Credits will not exceed 100% of the client's recurring monthly service fees for the impacted services for the month in which the incident occurred.

The Service Level Agreement does not cover incidents due to:

  • Scheduled or Emergency Maintenance - Major upgrades or maintenance to networks or facilities to maintain long term availability and functionality are occasionally required. These maintenances will be kept to a minimum and should rarely cause complete outages. Such maintenance will be posted in advance on our Maintenance Bulletin page. Maintenance outages will not exceed 1 hour per month.
  • Violation of Client Agreement - Service can be interrupted if the client does not meet the terms of a signed agreement, such as failure to make required payments.

This Service Level Agreement was last modified on July Sat 14th, 2018 when we changed our SLA from 99.9% uptime to 99.99% uptime

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